Think you can answer ten questions about the Friends Sitecom correctly? Try our Quiz!


Congratulations! You are a true Friends Fan.

O-oh, Ross is mad at you for not using UNAGI.

You can always try next time!

Ross, Geller, Friends

#1. What T.V. show does Joey star in?

#2. What is Gunther’s current job?

#3. Who, in season 9, does Rachel have a crush on?

#4. Where does Rachel work?

#5. How many times was Ross legally divorced?

#6. Who did Rachel discover her ex-fiancé Barry was cheating on her with?

#7. What was the name of the first restaurant Monica was head chef at?

#8. Which of the following Chandler “facts” is false?

#9. In “The One Where Estelle Dies,” who pretended to be Estelle when Joey called?

#10. How did Phoebe’s half-brother Frank meet his fiancé Alice?


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